Is Paisley packaging environmentally friendly?

Because Paisley Label Tea is all about bringing a modern sensibility to the grand tradition of drinking tea, part of caring about today's word is making our packaging as earth-friendly as possible. Paisley tea boxes are coated with a water-based coating so they remain compostable, recyclable and biodegradable. The filter paper of the tea bag is made with a wood pulp that has gone through a chlorine-free bleaching process, and its biodegradability is ranked as excellent. Without a staple on our tea bags, you can toss the entire thing — bag, string, tag and all — straight into the compost. The only thing you cannot toss in your compost bin is the paper envelopes, which are coated with a polyethylene sealant on the inside. We do this to keep our high-quality tea as fresh as we can because superior taste makes our tea worth drinking.