FAQ Regarding Two Leaves Brand Refresh

With our brand refresh, you may be wondering...

Are there internal changes at Two Leaves triggering this brand refresh?
Nope, we are the same independent company, with the same great team lead by Richard. With 16 years of experience behind us, we’re reflecting on who we have become and what matters most to us!

What’s going to change?
Our packaging, display and collateral will all get a refresh. Everything will look “like us”, but better. No drastic changes! You will also begin to notice the integration of our Mission, Vision and Values into our communications, and you’ll see it reflected in everything we do. I think you’ll agree, this is not a change in who we are — we’re just being more intentional about expressing it!

When can we expect to see the new logo and packaging?
Boxes and packaging will change throughout 2020 as new packaging is printed and gets into distribution. We can’t stand wasting, so we won’t be discarding any packing with our previous logo.